Noise reduction issues

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Noise reduction issues

Post by henbrink1 »

These are the steps I take to use noise:

1. Copy a small selection (Crtrl-C)
2. Select all (Crtrl-A)
3. Want to use clipboard option -> is empty

In about half of the times it works perfectly. I can't get it to work in the other files (even after restarting the computer).
Tried to clear the Clipboard, did not help.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Noise reduction issues

Post by Tristan »

Well, I revisited this issue after refreshing my memory and after screwing up my first post. I used the same procedure you did. I don't know why there would be no noise profile in the NR module window unless one of the following conditions applied:

1) There was so little noise in the sample, the profile didn't appear in the module window. Maybe try lowering the FFT setting and see what happens.

2) You merely thought you copied a noise sample, but didn't.

I've never had GW fail to register a noise profile, and I think I've been using it since 2003. What version of Goldwave are you using and what OS?
I don't want to read the manual either, but it isn't my problem, is it?
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Re: Noise reduction issues

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

If some of the files are 8 bit files, that would explain the problem. 8 bit files are inherently noisy. You'd need to use Save As to save as 16 bit to preserve the improved quality.
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