Feedback from my first 3 hours with VideoMeld

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Feedback from my first 3 hours with VideoMeld

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Hi Chris,

Firstly, thanks for making this new program. I was getting really worried when you hadn't released a new Multiquence for so long, but now I know've been busy making a whole new program.

I've played around with it for a few hours (replicating a recent Multiquence project just to test it). I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit, on a customised PC.

I should mention that I only used this with audio files. I didn't play around with video at all with this because I have been using a professional grade video editing suite for many years now. I did however test the text scroller feature you got..worked very nicely. I managed to scroll a sentence from bottom to top with very little effort. Should be very handy for people wanting to use the video features on this.

So anyway, here's my feedback & thoughts so far:

UI looks very nice, and it was good to see that some important shortcuts made it across (Shift+Insert for example).

I loved the new audio channel assignments options, for the surround sound. This will be perfect for making the surround sound audio for my new video logo for my business.

Stability seems rock-solid. It never crashed on me or did anything strange. I even tried to make it crash by moving the Marker during playback, and muting or solo'ing tracks during playback, etc.

Now for my biggest disappointment: The fade line controllers are missing! The new interface for doing fade-outs makes it difficult & annoying just to do a simple audio fade-out. It took me ages to figure out to press that little Var button to get mouse control of the line. Even then, it was confusing not being able to do it on the audio section itself. Also, sometimes I need to do volume fades on many multiple little sections, and this new interface would make that task time consuming and less intuitive. Come on Chris...please bring back the line controllers directly on the sections themselves.

It was great to see that we can now "trim" sections with the mouse. When trimming sections from the beginning (from left to right), the section's new beginning should be where the trimming ended. Currently, the section moves back to the original starting point in absolute time. For example, if a section is starting on 0 seconds on the timeline, and I trim off exactly 10 seconds from the beginning, then that section should now start from the 10 second mark (not from the original zero mark). In comparison, this is like using the old "trim beginning" button in Multiquence, and then the trimmed section suddenly moving to the original starting time.

I noticed there was no indication as to what effect has been applied to a section. Currently, there's no way to tell if an effect has been added to a section. Multiquence had this, and it was very useful info.

When trimming or moving would be nice if we can snap to the Marker and to neighboring sections from the tracks directly above and below. This would make that task much easier.

When right-clicking sections, would be cool to have a copy-effects option. Obviously we will need a paste-effects option to go with it. The purpose being if you spent a lot of time tweaking a section with effects, you can duplicate that effort by pasting the applied effects to other sections.

Seems to be plenty of space available on the button toolbar. Maybe you can let us customise that toolbar by allowing us to put a button to represent the effect/feature of our choice?

That's it for now. It's only been a few hours with it so far, but I can already see that this will be very useful for me. The surround sound option alone has sold me. I Will definitely be registering my copy as soon the first official release becomes available.

Great work Chris, and thank you.
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Re: Feedback from my first 3 hours with VideoMeld

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The fade graph will be included in the next VideoMeld update. Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions.

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