Suggestions (more audio features?)

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Suggestions (more audio features?)

Post by Joey_21 »

Bought a VideoMeld license the other night. I am insanely impressed with how fast & efficient it performs on my laptop.

In the past, I have seen friends use Multiquence to track their song audio. Being that VideoMeld is the "next generation" Multiquence, I thought it would be worth suggesting bringing a feature back. There is a screen recorder, but no audio recorder (unless I am missing something). This was a very useful feature of Multiquence. Being that my primary purposes of using this software will be to track audio I just thought it would be nice to suggest this, as it would be very useful. Also, are you going to bring back the ability to loop a section?

Here is a new feature that I think would be handy for audio editors such as myself: a textbox to input the tempo (beats per minute) of my song such that VideoMeld's grid snap positions adjust to specific, precise intervals. This would make alining & mixing multiple instruments very easy. I could also see this handy if users were creating their own music videos.
The theory that I had in mind would be something to the effect of:

The user inputs tempo, say for example, 120 beats/min.
VideoMeld calculates that
(60 sec/min)/(120 beats/min) = 0.5 sec/beat
VideoMeld starts creating snappable grid lines at every 0.5 sec interval.
Would be very, very useful if there was an interval adjustment feature such that the user can define how long of a jump between snappable grid lines is preferred (a dropdown with selections 1,2,4,8,16 & 32 would suffice).
Say, for example, if the user prefers snappable grid lines created every 8 beats then VideoMeld would calculate
8 beats * 0.5 sec/beat = 4 sec
Therefore, VideoMeld would create snappable grid lines at every 4 second interval.

This would vastly improve your "grid spacings" functionality to be more intuitive.

Just some things to think about.
Thank you.
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Re: Suggestions (more audio features?)

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

I'll consider adding a BPM option to the grid settings. Section looping probably won't be added. You can use copy/paste instead.

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