Interlaced video

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Interlaced video

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I have some interlaced DV avis I took from a camcorder. If I use them in VideoMeld and use "Medl project to video file" and choose MP4 as output, the resulting file is now progressive, but interlace artifacts are still there, I mean the DV avis are not actually deinterlaced. Is there something I can about that?
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Re: Interlaced video

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Deinterlacing video requires using a combination of techniques. Currently VideoMeld uses only one method, which may still leave artifacts for certain video. Other techniques may be added to future versions. For now you may need to use other software with more sophisticated deinterlacing to convert the videos to progressive.

Another possibility is that the files are not being detected as interlaced. I would need a small sample file to test it.

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