3 small bugs and 1 feature request

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3 small bugs and 1 feature request

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Bug #1: opus, ogg and ac3 files cannot be added to a track with the "Add File to Track" dialog because they are missing the asterisk wildcard in the audio file types.
Bug #2: altering the volume from the left side of a track or clicking the mute/solo buttons in the left side of a track doesn't enable the "Save" button. However, if I right-click a track and choose "Track settings" and change them from there, the "Save" button becomes enabled.
Bug #3: Undoing all actions made in a project doesn't disable the "Save" button and when I close VideoMeld, it asks me if I want to save the changes (which there aren't any since I have undone everything).

Request #1: "Snap to Grid" option is enabled by default. Can we have an option to set the default state?
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Re: 3 small bugs and 1 feature request

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I'll check into those problems.

For now you can disable the grid by using View | Grid and unchecking the "Snap to grid" option. The menu item doesn't preserve the setting across sessions.

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