VideoMeld stops loading my file at around 1%

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VideoMeld stops loading my file at around 1%

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I have spent dozens of hours on this video. And, it is nearly perfect. The resulting MP4 is beautiful. I went in to edit the file and add a few more items, saved it, exited. And, now when I go back in, it stops loading at around 1% and opens an empty project file. The XML VideoMeld file looks fine. The XML construct looks fine. I checked for any weird characters, and don't see any. Other VideoMeld files that I have for videos I have created still open and load fine. This video is for the funeral service for my mom -- which is tomorrow. So, I am somewhat devastated. I am wondering what caused VideoMeld to exit out of loading the project? I can send in the XML file or look to someone for direction on this. I'm sure it is something easy. Just don' t know where to look. Please HELP!!!!

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Re: VideoMeld stops loading my file at around 1%

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Sorry I was unable to reply sooner. Are any errors reported at all? If you still have a copy of the file, please contact me to send a copy for testing.

Very sorry for your loss.

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