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1.57 version program bug, and missing features...

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:13 pm
by Rendszerga

I would like to draw attention to a mistake!

During playback, if you go to the window and switch from program to other program (ie avoid focus), the playback window will not be displayed or redisplayed when you switch back to the video track. Playback must be resumed and the video window will only be re-played.

Missing function.:

1. Moving from frame to frame. Forward and backward, it would be a great need for setting the exact position.

2. Accelerated playback and slow playback during playback, also due to the exact position of the position.

3. I miss the effects of the selected part in slow motion, and accelerated playback, and timelapse function.

Thanks to RendszergazdaNyh...

(Why can not possible register more than 10 characters for a username ??? LOL)

Re: 1.57 version program bug, and missing features...

Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:18 am
by GoldWave Inc.
I'll look into that. Thanks for the feedback and suggestions.