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Preview Screen Goes Black

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:08 pm
by Joe Giaquinto
This is a strange one...

I've been using the previous and latest licensed versions (1.62) of VideoMeld and all was going well. Suddenly, a video project I have been editing now shows no preview on the video. It just shows a black screen. I've removed and re-added the original video as well as recreating the project from scratch. I've tried moving the files to a different location and also copying and/or renaming the video. (The video plays just fine outside of your app.)

I found that when I completely start over and add the video to a new track, the preview window shows the video for about 2 seconds and then the preview again goes black (and the video never shows again.) This happens even without anything else in the project (no overlays, captions, muting, effects, etc.)

The video is an MP4 from my camera. It's my video. And I've used it before with no problems. I have the latest update of Windows 10 on a brand new computer. No other software is having any issue except this one.

I have a theory that somehow the original source video is being altered in some way by VideoMeld when added to the project. When I first created the project and edited the audio that came with the video, the app couldn't find the video and when I went to the folder where it was supposed to be, the MP4 was missing.

Update: I removed the external audio track. Then I opened VideoMeld and of course it had trouble finding the audio track. So I put the track back (but had renamed it to something else) and VideoMeld still couldn't find it. Now I renamed it back to the same name as the video and VideoMeld opened normally AND the video now plays fine (no more black screen.)

Any thoughts?

Re: Preview Screen Goes Black

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 9:36 am
by GoldWave Inc.
VideoMeld doesn't alter the original files. There could be an intermittent problem with the display driver. You could try switching to "DirectX software emulation mode" (Options | Configure VideoMeld) to see if that helps. Also make sure to copy any video files to your main hard drive. Reading video files from USB or external storage may be too slow to preview.

Re: Preview Screen Goes Black

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:24 pm
by Joe Giaquinto
Thank you for the reply. Probably the video driver then. I've noticed a couple of times when I've had issues with playing streaming movies where the laptop displayed a error message related to the graphics card. (I use an external monitor with this laptop.)