Flip Ultra (second generation) .MP4 files

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Flip Ultra (second generation) .MP4 files

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I have a little video recorder, a Flip Ultra (the label says "2nd Generation"). It creates .MP4 files that you can play with QuickTime. Multiquence 2.55 will open them, but as video only -- there's no corresponding audio track. GoldWave, on the other hand, yanks the audio out just fine and will play it. According to http://www.theflip.com/en-us/products/specs.aspx, the video is H.264 and the audio is AAC.

:?: Can I get Multiquence to play the audio as well as the video? Obviously, I can save the audio in a separate file using GoldWave and try to get it synched up with the video track in Multiquence, but I'd like to know if there's something I'm missing.
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Re: Flip Ultra (second generation) .MP4 files

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Multiquence isn't able to decode audio in some MP4 files. The only solution right now is to convert it to a different audio format that Multiquence handles.

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