Exporting data

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Exporting data

Post by Mari »

I am looking for is two .WAV or .TXT export files for a stereo recording (one file for each channel) that records a stereo signal as:

Filename ch 1.wav or Filename ch 1.txt


Filename Ch 2.wav or Filename Ch 2.txt

The " Ch 1" and " Ch 2" would be an automatic addition to the input file name when this option is used. The intention is to use this for a school science fair project to get some experimental data into Spectrum Lab for visualization.

Do you have a solution?

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Re: Exporting data

Post by GoldWave Inc. »

There is no way to do that automatically within GoldWave. It is possible to do it with the Batch Processing feature on the command line (with a script).

To do it manually, you'd use the Edit | Channel menu to select the channel you want to save, then use the File | Save Selection As command to save it as .WAV or .TXT.

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Re: Exporting data

Post by mah1966 »

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Re: Exporting data

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