cue point names and cue point tool window

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cue point names and cue point tool window

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prologue: I'm a 20+ years user, thanks & compliments for a great and well-engineered product!

I have begun working with cue points a lot lately. As soon as you have a few of them (my current file has over 50) it gets hard to find the one you're looking for. Of course, you get to see the name of a cue when the mouse pointer hovers over the cue triangle. But that's what you have to do - one by one. It would be great to have a setting that allows to switch on a simultaneous and permanent display of all cue point names. Also it would be handy if the cue point tool window were not modal, so it can stay open while you navigate in the sound window. The cue list could then possibly even be used to position the start marker or select the corresponding piece of sound.

Excuse my English, I hope I managed to get my idea across.
Best regards from Switzerland
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Re: cue point names and cue point tool window

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Displaying the text of all the cue points may be messy, especially when they are clustered close together. How about allowing different colours instead?

You can right-click on a cue point in the Cue Points list to set the start and finish markers.
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