Perserving region list (SoundForge) when converting

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Perserving region list (SoundForge) when converting

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First off, thank you all so much for the work in this program and the updates that improve it's features.

So a bug report.
I'm on Goldwave v6.36 and use the Batch Processing option to convert .wav files to different sampling frequency (kHz), but a good deal of them have regions added in SoundForge (Use to be Sony SoundForge 9, Now Magix SoundForge Audio Studio 10+) used in-game for automatic rifles, helicopters, jets etc.

When it's converted, the 'start' time aka Region Start time is perserved but the End time isn't.

Basically it's like this:

But should be this:

Would this be possible to fix, or at least record the list of their time stamps into a .txt?
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Re: Perserving region list (SoundForge) when converting

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Unfortunately GoldWave doesn't support regions.
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