Text input and correction

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Text input and correction

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First of all, I find that it is almost impossible to to edit text. The first time text is entered there is no problem. However, when trying to edit or add text it is a different story. The cursor (insertion point) always shows one or two lines above or below the needed correction. Which makes it very hard to add or correct a misspelled word. I usually have the text set at .100. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Secondly, when I apply a background to text I find you can't enter a Hex code for a color. Copy and paste of a Hex code from one text box to another does not work either. Again am I missing something here?

I run win7x64 with lots of memory and disk space. I am using the latest version of Videomeld.

Does anyone have a idea?

OH! I let YouTube correct my last video and they have the text going all wavy while scrolling.
It played great when testing before it was sent and they corrected. Guess they won't be correcting any more of my videos.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxPzqbtw ... load_owner
If you care to check it out.
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Re: Text input and correction

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Can you provide some steps to duplicate the problem? Does changing Zoom to 100% help?

The inability to edit the hex colour text directly is a problem, though pasting seems to work on my system (if you select the old text before pasting).

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