Batch concatenating X32/M32 multi-track files

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Batch concatenating X32/M32 multi-track files

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Looking for a way to solve the following use case with Gold Wave if possible:

The Music Group who makes the popular X32 / M32 mixing system has recently released a card which will record multi track audio to SD card(s). I have one, pretty cool. The file format is multi-track WAV (up to 32 tracks in a single wav file. The console records files up to 262 Megs then starts recording to a new file increasing the file name numerically. 00000001.WAV, 00000002.WAV, etc. So far so Good. To extract the files so I can import them in to Studio One the individual tracks must be extracted. I have found one ( beta) program, "Wave Agent" which will split each file into separate tracks: 00000001_1.WAV, 00000001_2.WAV, etc.

To mix them in a DAW ( I happen to use Studio One ) I want to combine the individual track files into one long file per track.

Effectively I want to concatenate a group of WAV files into a single file via batch operation or command line. Is possible?
I could manually paste them at the end of one another but for a 16 track 4 hour recording I have 176 files. Manually placing them into Studio One is possible but the program will not easily append a file into a track.

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Re: Batch concatenating X32/M32 multi-track files

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You can use Tool | File Merger to join may files together.
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