Computer Music and Song Creating Projects

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Computer Music and Song Creating Projects

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GoldWave is a sound editing tool for audio signals. As such, attention has been focused on song or speech editing or audio signal processing. Little has been said about its capability on song creating, song writing or audio signal generation.The examples given in GoldWave manual contain very simple signals generated by GoldWave. Most people have used expression evaluator only in its simplest form. But song writing requires much more than using simplest form. Mie is the only musician( in this forum at least) I am aware to use expression evaluator to compose an entire song. Keep in mind GoldWave is designed for song editing not for song creating. May be if there is enough interest, GoldWave can offer more help in the future... :D

On the one hand, musicians have been trying very hard to find better tools for song writing. Computer music is a hot area for many musicians around the world. Many music schools now introduce computer music classes to their students and computer is emerging as a powerful tool for song writing. On the other hand, computer music is also studied extensively by electrical engineering and computer science faculty and students. Many papers have been published and progress has been made.

The two projects: Listening to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and Listen to "Red River Valley" represent my efforts to use GoldWave and a midi software as a song creating tool to generate computer music.

For each project, a sheet music is obtained. First, mathematical equations are derived for treble clef and bass clef respectively. Then I use GoldWave 4.12 expression evaluator to implement those equations and a Java program which I developed a couple of years ago to present it on my website. The result of mixing treble and bass together into one song is what I called Wave Basic.

Parallel to the implementation of a song in wave format is another development to implement the same song in midi format. This require use of another midi software since GoldWave can not support or generate a midi file. There are, however, many midi software on the market. The result of my implementation using a midi software is what I called Midi Basic.

Then I try to find counterparts of my results from professional singers and musicians. Their work are labeled as Midi Pro and Wave Pro.

You can listen to both of them and compare them to their counterparts from professional singers and musicians yourself. Notice this is my first attempt to create computer music and I encounter numerous problems with my limited music background. In particular, as it is a hobby, there is no funding and I have to do it on my spare time. Nevertheless, it is a big step forward for me.

At this early stage, it is evident that my computer music is no match for professional singers or musicians. But at least I give it a try and hopefully more people will join!
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