GoldWave v5.11 Released

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GoldWave v5.11 Released

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GoldWave v5.11 is now available.

Changes include:
  • Presets for batch processing
  • Single click on time axis starts playback
  • Ability to save all modified files when closing GoldWave
  • New AutoTrim edit command
  • New /process:presetname command line parameter for batch processing
  • New /region:start,length command line parameter for setting initial selection from other programs
  • Playback within Cue Points window (F4 and F8)
  • Proxy server setting in CD Reader Options tab
  • Mono source setting under Device properties tab
  • Foot pedal support and configuration settings
  • Evaluator buttons window
  • Updated Ogg Vorbis and FLAC support
  • Expanded Apple-C support
  • Many fixes and other improvements
The names of volume effects have changed to Change Volume, Maximize Volume, Match Volume, and Shape Volume. Any chains containing those effects will have to be recreated. Also any custom presets for those effects will have to be recreated. The "Echos and bass boosted" chain (see Tool | Effect Chain Editor) should be removed before installing this update over an older version.

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